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Credit Card Approvals topics
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    Hey All, I wanted to share since I know this is a newer card. MY BK7 was discharged on 10/25/2019. 

    My fico scores are all low 490-low 500 range per Experian website. I burned Cap One in BK7 for about 8-9K, but was approved for a Cap One Platinum about a week after discharge. I wasn't pre-approved, but applied and was instantly approved for $300. This isn't reporting yet (I have no cards/loans currently open or reporting). I kept getting pre-approval letters for Credit One. I wanted a 2nd card now to rebuild with (so the cards and the INQs ) could grow together, but didn't want Credit One because of the fees. 


    Decided to try Walmart. I knew with my scores, I would probably get the store card, but I was okay with that. 

    Instantly Approved, and for the Mastercard!!!!! at $300.00.  I did burn Walmart in my BK, but through Synchrony. So far I have only received alerts that they pulled TU and EX. My INQ were 1, 3, 2.


    Before applying for Walmart, I applied for Kohls. I didnt think I would get Walmart at all. Tried Kohls Pre-approval site and it said I wasnt pre-approved. I cold-apped and was approved for $300. I regret it, and wish I just would of applied for Walmart first. I do shop at Kohls, but not as much a Walmart and only wanted 2 cards. Would my credit take a hit, if I closed it? 



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  • 12/08/19--09:35: NFCU Flagship SP CLI
  • After reading about the SP success here I could not help myself. Last night around 11PM I went online and requested an 15K increase from 25K to 40K. The request went pending, I thought over the next couple days I would receive a decision. I woke up to find my limit increased this morning.

    I have been a member of NFCU since 2003, they are my primary bank. I opened this account in March 2019; this was my first attempt at a CLI. I put roughly $500 a month through this card.


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  • 12/08/19--10:34: NFCU GoRewards CLI SP
  • Finally got a CLI with navy,
    Thought navy has been off with me . always see they give huge Limits to people, but some reason even with having good scores, credit history , Good spend and high income they haven’t really given me anything crazy , but something better then nothing . had GoRewards about 8 months now 1k SL every time requested a cli always was an HP so said no thank you. The other day Said let me try and requested a CLI requested 25k,Then this morning was surprised to see my CL was 3K When logged into my account no notice of an HP. Pretty much always spend the full 1k Plus and PIF before statement closes. Thought would get a higher limit esp for amount of spend i put on it, but I’ll take the 2K. Recently got flagship as well 2 months ago was approved with a $8800 SL.
    was recently approved for the Chase Marriott Boundless card as well which pulled TU also and they gave me $15,400 SL. Not sure why navy won’t give me higher limits. See people getting 15k-25k limits after getting low initial SL and instantly approved which I think my profile more then qualify’s for but guess they dont? Will have to wait until flagship CLI Eligible see what they do. For those cards to get in line with the other limits of my cards.
    TU 719
    INQ 10 ( 3 In past year)
    AAOA 5 years 6 months
    High 6Fig income
    UTI 19%

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    I was denied last month for CLI on my flagship.

    I was approved for my third card ---> More Rewards Amex with $15k SL.

    (My TU is about 40 points higher than my EX).


    I was just approved for a CLI on flagship a month later. 

    (same EX credit score as denial.)


    Was $20k CL.  Asked for $5k CLI and got it within 30 minutes.

    I will never quite understand Navy Fed, but I am happy with them.


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    Approval Date: 11-17-2019

    FICO 8 Score: 665

    Credit Bureau Inquired: Experian

    Income: $105,000

    Welcome Offer: 50k MR points for $4k spend in 3 months

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    Big milestone for me today! Three years ago I was in the 400-Club with my credit (which still isn't that good) but it was good enough for today's application. I didn't think I'd qualify for the CSR since I don't have a single card over $10k.


    My strategy was to open a Chase card (Amaszon) and jam everything I could possibly put onto a card onto that card; also opened a checking account with weekly automatic deposits. I guess they ended up liking my swipe count/spend and full payments.


    SL: $15,200

    FICO 8 Scores: 702 / 704 / 709

    5/24: 2/24 (technically 1/24 as Apple in only reporting to TU at this time)

    Derrogatory information: 37 major DQs (foreclosure 2014, student loan trouble 2014-2015) all CCs paid on time, all accounts current 2016-present.


    Current cards:

    • CapOne Quicksilver (11/16) $4.2k

    • DiscoverIT (3/17) $8.2k

    • Chase Amazon Prime (5/19) $7.5k

    • Apple Card (8/19) $8.0k

    Other Chase Products:

    • Chase Checking Account (9/19)

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  • 12/08/19--18:20: Disco $1500.00 CLI
  • So, we were joking about starting approval threads, so I'm all "I'll go ask Disco for that $500.00 they've been offering me for a couple of months"

    Wall off shame data points, card used once since March, $3K and $7k increases since June. 

    I did ask last week, declined $500. Today, $1500.00 

    Limit is now $26,200.00 


    They are 🌰🌰🌰




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    Happy to say that when my seventh statement cut my Discover secured graduated! I opened it with $200 and then added $100 the second month. I was going to keep adding $100 every month but I changed my mind. Seventh statement cut on the 4th and I received the email on the 6th at 11:50PM. $2k limit. The week of Thanksgiving I checked my prequals for Capital One and after seeing the SavorOne I decided to pull the trigger. $1k SL. I'm not sure what the SUB was (d'oh) and I haven't received any correspondence mentioning one. I'll call them tomorrow and ask. That's it for at least another six to eight months. Pretty happy Smiley Happy 

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    Well, Just had to end the year with one moreSmiley LOL


    This makes My 21st Approval in just under 12 Months!

    Honestly I was suprised on The ApprovalSmiley Surprised

    Do Not try this at Home! unless you are  Smiley Very Happy


    Applied at 2:36pm Today.


    Pulled TU

    TU 770 (as of today)

    AAoA 2.5 Years

    AoYA 2 Months

    9% Utiilization (Until Payments hit)

    29/24 Inquiries

    41 Open Accounts

    14 Closed Accounts

    3 Store Cards

    1 NFCU SSL (Open)

    No Mortgage

    No Baddies/Lates/Derogs/BK's


    I guess My Garden Goals Start overSmiley Tongue  ..they weren't good this year anyhow!


    Screenshot has all the rest, Including Famous APR rateSmiley Tongue

    (will work on that next year after 0% Promo..lol)

    0% intro APR on balance transfers for 12 months.


    Had Then Send Expidited FedEx


    Larger Screenshot "HERE" 



    Edited for AAoA error and Expidited shipping.

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  • 12/08/19--21:04: Disco $2K CLI 😎
  • Hadn't gotten anything from Disco in a little while... Finally got a little luvin.  TU 08 is 750 according to Discover themselves.

    Disco 22.7K.png

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  • 12/08/19--21:08: Apple Card - $500 CLI
  • Requested an increase on Nov 18th via messages.

    Received on Dec 5th

    Total credit line now: $1,500


    My fico score was at the time 718 from TransUnion.

    More info: Total utilization is 9%, average age is 5 months and longest card is 8 months.



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    NFCU Flagship, approved 03 September for $11k starting line.


    ....asked for $25k yesterday, now credit line is $19k.  Smiley Happy


    ...and yes  , I've met the SUB and paid it off!

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    Had a good week. 

    NFCU gave me $5k CLI - SP

    BBT gave me another $5 SL - SP

    Synchrony gave me $15k SL on 2% MC - HP Experian

    They like me, they really really like me.  Smiley Very Happy


    I am actually suprised...

    Back to the garden (yea, right.)


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    Got my typical 2k for my DC which now has a limit of 27950

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    Applied 12/5, gave them my last two pay stubs for proof of income;  it was referred that day, and I got the approval this morning.

    Starting limit: 5,000 (I'll probably see if I can recon this)

    APR: 10.74%

    They exclusively pull EX FICO2, and mine is currently 750.   There's a thread in "Understanding" that shows that journey, because my FICO2 was only 702 when I started (my file is just really young).

    I joined SDFCU earlier this year.  They say they let you apply for this card and membership at the same, but since I have such a young file (other than the AU) and they're really conservative, I wanted to build a wee bit of history with them.  I throw a hundred or two at my shared account with them every month - not much because the interest rate is abysmal.


    This and the AKC were the last on my "wishlist" I built a while back, though that Precious is awful tempting.    Either way, Garden time for me!

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    Congratulations! Your credit line has been approved.
    Your new total credit line is $9,200.00 and is available for immediate use.


    Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy


    I almost crapped myself when I saw the first "9" digit. Actually thought they gave me the 99k I requested. To be fair, I've been putting quite a bit of spending on this card recently. 2nd time to hit the CLI button. 1st time was a denial because they thought that I had "sufficient credit".


    I have no clue when the last time I asked for an increase but it must have been in the last 3 months or so.



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    Hey everyone!

    Super excited as today was my 6-months from my last citi increase. My card started at $500 when I first got it then soft pull auto increase to $1,600 and now today instant soft pull request up to $4,100! It's amazing seeing all my cards grow so fast. Setting my calender for June 9th 2020 for my next citi CLI.

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    Thought I would add a data point since this turned out to be a soft pull last night.  With my new-found Gold Spade, I was a little apprehesive about using the new CLI feature on the website, but seeing a lot of SP results and having already had another statement generate since I paid the renewal AF on my card, I thought my odds might be okay.


    Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 11.27.36 PM.png


    While this isn't exactly my daily driver and I do not physically carry the card, I do use it with Apple Pay whenever possible.  Spending on the card has been just over $17,000 in the past 12 months, with almost all of that Apple Pay or travel for 3x points (used as 4.5% back for Real Time Redemption on travel).  Scores are a bit lower than usual right now due to BT shuffling, assuming they were looking at a TU score somewhere in 750s-770s depending on whether it was fresh or from a recent account review.  Squeaky clean reports, with no new accounts in 7 months and only 3 in the past year, I think only 1 scoreable INQ on TU.  Income sufficient enough for lending purposes, total revolving limits just over a mil.  With my $19,500 Cash+ this puts my total USB exposure at $37,500.

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  • 12/09/19--11:53: Approved Delta Platinum AMEX
  • This morning I decided to apply and got approved for the Delta Platinum. Finally off the blacklist! I still can’t believe it.

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    Greetings to All,

    I decided to put one foot out the garden gate while leaving the other firmly planted in the soil right by the veggies. I proceeded to obtain a travel card for my upcoming trips.

    I had an offer for the Amex Gold for 50k and 4k spend, but I went with the Amex Platinum 60k for 5k spend, as a result of already having dining and grocery cards for now. Although, it wasn't the elusive 100k SUB, I will be using it alot, so it's okay.

    Approved!, not instant, I had to call and answer a few questions about military connections and such. Yesss! SP Approval. NPSL but internal limit is at $4000. They informed me that the first 6 months is crucial in pattern development. Duly noted!

    This my second personal Amex card within 7 months.

    Since, I still had that foot out, I figured I would call up NFCU and ask about their prequal tool. The rep asked some basic questions and lo and behold I was prequalified for ALL cards. So I figured I'd go big or go home. I selected the Flagship for 2x the reward points for non-category spend. The 50k SUB for 4k spend was nice as well! Well the suspense was killing me (as if she was doing it on purpose, reading all the fine print)...

    Approved! Wait for it....20K SL/APR 15.24%....I love, love, love, Navy! This is my 2nd NFCU card. They pulled TU, received alert 5 minutes after. I was approved 3 months ago for a 3x CLI on my CR, so no SP luv for me.

    What a way to end 2019! I am literally set. I have cards for all my needs. Now I have taken that foot and set it with the other next to the veggies. A seedling again, but happy to water my new additions and continue my credit journey!

    Thank you all of you awesome MF'ers (MyFicoers) for your advice and experiences! You guys are the reason!!!

    DP's: Current as of Dec. 5

    AAoA 2.3 months

    AoYA 3 months

    10 Open Revolving Accounts

    No Mortgage

    No Bankruptcies

    TU - 740 INQ - 16
    EX - 701 INQ - 7
    EQ- 736 INQ - 14
    (All inquiries within last 12 months/ 5 within 6 months/ 0 within 3 months)

    Aggregate Utilization - 6%
    Individual Utilization
    Amex BCM - 18%
    NFCU Cash Rewards - 0%
    BBT Spectrum Cash - 3%
    SunTrust CR - 25%
    5/3 Trio - < 1%
    Discover - 2%
    Capital One - 0%
    Petal - 0%
    Mission Lane - 0%
    Citi DC - 0%

    New Lease - 14k / 11k left
    Student Loans (2 Lates in 2015)

    0 0

    Have been wanting to get the US Bank Cash+ card for a bit, but was waiting to be under 5/24 accounts so I could go for the Chase Freedom card. Priorities changed and will now have my fiancee get the Chase Freedom card so I decided to get the US Bank Cash+.


    I also saw user jas312 get approved the other day with similar data points, so I figured I at least had a chance to get in the door.


    I will make use of the Internet category and then a couple of other categories with upcoming purchases next year.


    Data Points


    • SL: $15,000
    • Pulled Equifax
    • I don't have my FICO 8/9 Equifax score, but FICO 8 Bankcard (from Citi) is 786 and FICO 5 (from DCU) is 756
    • 3 Inquiries -- 0 past 6 months, 1 past 12 months, 2 past 24 months
    • Total credit limit prior to this card: $85,700 across 10 cards, highest limit is AmEx Cash Magnet at $27,000 (will be moving this to AmEx BCP soon)
    • Utilization across all cards is about <3-7%, a single card can be up to 35% depending on what I am purchasing, but usually never more and if it is more then it is only for a single statement period
    • Annual income is $82,000
    • I have had a US Bank Gold Checking account that I opened mid August 2019 for the $300 bonus, but have not used the account since I got the bonus and it has been at a $0 balance. Monthly fee was being waived via their "Because You've Earned It" program

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  • 12/09/19--15:44: Another NFCU SP CLI
  • I've been itching for a CLI on my $500 SL Amex since its seeing a lot of use these days.

    I almost maxed it out last month using it for gas moving cross country. 

    But with a mortgage in the near future I didn't want to chance a HP.

    Seeing Thornback's success with his reports locked convinced me to give it a go.


    I requested $10k and got $1k. At least it didn't cost me anything. 

    I suspect my new job and DTI are the reasons for the increase being small.

    I should have gone for it before I moved or waited until after getting married to include spouse's income.


    A little background...

    I joined NFCU a little over a year ago and this was my first card with them and my first attempt at a CLI.

    My 2nd card last April was more generous at $25k SL.

    My EQ9 score since I joined went from 696 up to 784.

    I always PIF every month, I have an SSL and direct deposit to my NFCU account. 

    I did move 1000+ miles last month for a new job in the same industry. 

    My cost of living went up but in the short term salary went down a bit. 


    Screenshot_20191209-165714_Navy Federal.jpg

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  • 12/09/19--21:56: BOA cashback approved 17,000
  • Apped this pass Saturday, I logged onto my boa account and looked into their products. Showed me 3 cards , the Americaid, cashback and their travel rewards card. Each offer had a set apr of about 19%.
    I went with the cash back , there was no *per approved message besides pre selected and a set apr so I went for it. I got the message saying my application was in review I thought it was denial until today i was sent an email saying I was approved. I had to call to ask what I was even approved for and the lady said 17k like woah haha I didn't think I would be able to get that much. Might have to do with the amount I deposit monthly to my savings and checking.
    Pulled Experian which was 701
    Util% was 25

    0 0

    I love Navy, approved for $7300 Visa Sig go rewards. Started rebuilding last December with fico scores in the 520 range.... Approved for Visa cash rewards in September for $4500 and now the Go rewards..... Whooo hook Thank God! Scores now in the 645 range. Hope to be around 700 mid January! Don't give up

    0 0

    Last week I noticed a huge spike on credit karma, so after some digging I confirmed that my car repo from 2011 had fallen off my reports. I was looking into getting back into the Amex club but I've also wanted to grab a card with Chase again. They are my main bank for checking and I've burned them in the past. Saw under my account the "your offers!" tab and decided to pull the trigger on the CFU card offer they had. APPROVED! Almost 12k starting. 


    I think this really marks the end of my climb back to the top. Just a couple years ago I was dealing with a Credit One card in my wallet. Hard work pays off. 

    My signature shows my updated FICO 8 scores for those interested. The only other bad remark on my accounts are several late fees on a different car loan in 2015, which has since been paid off. I think that's what's inhibiting me from hitting close to 800 at this point.

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  • 12/10/19--10:49: Chase Auto CLI $4K
  • Logged onto my Chase account and was surprised to see the limit doubled from $4K to $8K.


    When I was approved through verification the lady told me on the phone the limit was $4.5K but when I received the card and created the account the limit turned out to be only $4K. Not a big deal since I am after rewards and sub not credit.

    Still not a big deal but a nice surprise for sure. 😎

    Thank you Chase!

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    First I'd like to say what a horrible gardner I am, there I was all content weeding and feeding and I had to go poking around my usual prequal places.... Lil Miss Disco has finally opened up after several years in credit purgatory. (she got burnt in the great divorce of '12). I believe it is double my old limit too....



    0 0

    Super stoked to say I am finally starting to build the framework of no annual fee CC's!!! My plan is to build them up to be able to lower credit utilization in the future, which is what I am suffering from now. 


    I just got approved for the Capital One SavorOne with a CL of $1000, which is the biggest CL I have so far (besides AMEX Gold with 3300 spending power). 


    Which other $0 annual-fee credit cards would you prefer? I am currently looking at opening a CitiBank Double Cash in the new year, however I seem to find different CC's that offer amazing benefits almost every day. 

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  • 12/10/19--13:45: NFCU SP CLI Bandwagon!
  • Since I read of so many SP CLI success stories, i thought I'd go for one as well. And was approved for a $4K increase. Asked for an $8K increase for a $12K CL, so I'll have to wait for the letter to find out the reason for the difference. I took a chance because I don't have my reports locked, and we know they love their HP's. I've had the Go Rewards for just over a year and recieved a $1K auto increase at 1 year. Total CL is now $8K.


    I don't put much spend on it because I have other cards with better reward structure ATM, but I use it to put funds in my accounts with NFCU and then just pay it with an outside funding source.


    So thanks to all who contributed to DP's!


    0 0

    After reading this thread, I was really discouraged about applying for an Apple Card (I'm considering getting a Macbook.) My TU FICO9 is 706 as of a couple of days ago, I have a few 30 day lates 2.5 years ago on an auto loan, and I have about 2 hard pulls on TU in the past year. But the most damaging is a 9.5 yr old BK7 on my report. My utilization was 14%.


    A few other DPs - I have an AMEX BCE with $8K CL ($1200 balance on last statement) that I use as my daily driver, along with a Cap1 Platinum MC (CL $500, balance $0) as well as a credit union secured CC ($500 limit, $0 balance). My DTI ratio is 11/22, and income is a hair shy of $60K. AAoA is about 21 months, and last new account was 3 months ago.


    It doesn't show up on my report yet, but I just got my AMEX CL increased to $15K.


    Now I've finally got an MC without a toy limit - though I guess some here will still consider $5k a toy limit, lol.

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    Hey Folks


    Does anyone have experience requesting a CLI on any AMEX CCs, not charge cards obviously? Will it be a hard pull?



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    I have been browsing these forums over the past couple of years. My first car ever was repossessed back in 2012. Tanking my unestablished credit to the low 400s. Since then I have paid off collections and my repo has fallen off. My scores are 640-700 depending on the CRA and running about 18-20% utilization accross all revolving accounts. My goal has been to qualify for a high limit card someday. NFCU has done it for me! I applied for an account over the summer and opened a secured card. After 6 months it still hasnt unsecured but I decided to call in and see if I was pre-qualified for anything. The agent told me I was pre-qualified for all of the cards and I decided to pull the trigger on the cash rewards. Instant Denial. I appealed and still denied. Something told me to apply for a different product and I am not entirely sure why but I did. Instantly Approved for the More Rewards Amex for 15K. I nearly had a heart attack! All the hard work has finally paid off. Thanks for all of the helpfull posts and information. Great Community of knowledge. Next Goal is a mortgage in the next few years (once my scores are at 750+).

    0 0



    After noticing all the wonderful Discover CLIs so far this month, Hat Tip to and  , I decided to Spin the Wheel.  BOOM - Instant $2,500 CLI!


    Of course, I had to make the obligatory phone call to RECON and see what else was available.  After about a minute of preliminary chit chat - BOOM - an additional $1,000 CLI!


    My last Discover CLI was for $500 on January 20th.  Since then, I have been HULK SMASHING that CLI button at least once a month and receiving DENIALS! The last time - before today - was 2 weeks ago after my November statement cut


    Discover has ALWAYS been my largest CL (started at $10K in April 2018) and is $19,000 with the latest CLIs!


    DPs -

    Discover balance for CLI request - $0, last payment was in October for $83.  It was my Go To Card until my BBVA Rewards card started offering an extra 4% CashBack for categories like groceries and restaurants.

    FICO 8 - 733, according to Discover

    AoOA - 12.6 years

    AAoA - 2.6 years

    AoYA - 3 months

    Income - $100K+

    UTIL - 5%

    PIF all accounts every month with the exception of approximately $1,200 on my AmEx Cash Magnet card (still in 0% Promo interest period).


    THANK YOU myFICO family for your VERY Generous sharing of your credit experiences - I am truly grateful! Smiley Very Happy 

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    Since my laptop is running on windows 7 and it will not be good after January 2020 becuase of win7 support will end so no more updates so I think time for me to get win10 laptop so I decided to apply for financing so why not?


    Filled out and bam, approved $3500 at 27% (I know its high but I dont care)




    Now, I'm happy, just ordered a simple laptop and it came to $648.44 and got free express delivery, comes this Thursday.


    God is good Smiley Wink

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    I applied for the Captial One Venture Card June 2019 and I was instantly approve for $10,000 and 6 months later I submitted a request to have my credit limit increase to $15,000 and I was approved for an additional $3,000. Thus bringing my credit line to $13,000. Mind you I received the Quick Silver November 2018 with a credit line of $6,000 and 6 months later it was increased to $10,000. ventureee.png

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  • 12/11/19--06:15: BBVA ClearPoints Approved
  • Received an invitation mailer yesterday and decided to go for it based on the ability to choose cashback categories. Has $100 SUB after $1500 spend in 90 days and 0% interest for 13 months. Approved for $1700 (same as my Ollo card...coincidence?) and a horrid 26.xx% interest rate. No issue with that as I PIF. They pulled EX.


    I'm very impressed with their online banking site and mobile app so far.

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    Following Thornback on this forum, I applied for CLIs on my Navyfed CCs last night. My Platinum Visa went from 20k-26k, Cash Rewards 15k-23k, Platinum MasterCard was denied because I met their internal limit.  My credit report was frozen and indeed I was still given credit line increase.   This is the first time that NFCU has not required a hard inquiry.  Thanks to this everyone here. 

    Quick update..... paid of my CLOC. I reapplied for a credit increase to my Platinum MasterCard that was previously denied.  20k to 25k. Soft pull. My stats

    Cash Rewards 15k-23k

    Platinum Visa 20k-26k

    Platnum MC   20k-25k




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    went to Saks Fifth Ave Manhattan store last night December 9th to complete my collection.. and now its done friends...applied and approved took the screen shot out of the IPad was given to submit the application myself at Saks so here it is ...


    Equifax    Pulled

    Approved 4k increased to 20k *on the spot Upon Request

    Thanks for reading

    UPDATE.. The limit is now 30K the credit services number printed on the paper application is the actual number where the store clerks call  CARD EXPEDITED GETTING IT IN 3 DAYS NOW

    2232.pngThe Card2230.pngApproval

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    Hit the button last night after seeing the sucess everyone has had. I knew being at 25k it could mean POI which wouldn't be a problem however about 45 minutes later my available credit increased! This morning the full credit line was showing 33k! I currently have a 5K balance on it which has been paid down from 10 over the last few months. 


    I just hit the button on the Flagship card this morning which is a similar situation. had a 12k balance a few months ago and have paid it down to 5K so far. Lets see what happens! 


    Was interesting that I haven't had a dig on my credit yet but didn't have the normal SP approval immediately after hitting submit. Has this been the norm for everyone lately?

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  • 12/11/19--06:47: BOA SP Increase
  • Last increase was end August 2019 from $2800 to $7000. 

    Increase request appeared today, request $15k but BOA counter with $13k.

    I'll take it. Thank you

    I've only been spending $100 or less per month on food with this card.

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    I went a long time with the "No soup for you" or a $300 increase once in a great long while. But since AJ did the huge Hulk smash cli I got a $500 cli (DD to $1000) on Nov 5th and just got another $500 increase this morning.  Will attempt the DD when I get home this eve.



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    My HH limit was 34k and asked for 50k. Got instant approval. Next time will ask for the moon!

    0 0

    Needed a Visa product so went for it and just recieved an email saying I was approved. 


    No idea of the starting CL and I have to go to work so maybe I will call them later and ask. 


    *happy dance*

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    Trying to get into the Chase ecosystem. Just some data points.

    EXP 720; EQ: 720; TU:729

    Per Experian app I have (under Score factors - what is hurting)
    EXP: Serious Delinq (3 accounts); EQSmiley Sad2 acocunts - report is 48 days old); TU (3 accounts - report is 48 days old)


    Approved with a SL of 12.1K - easily the card with the highest limit (prev was 10K).


    Wasnt till after I applied till it dawned on me Chase' 5/24 rule. And going back I had opened the following:

    jcrew 08/18; kohls 11/18

    discover 06/19; cbna (bestbuy) 09/19


    What does not show is the BOA card I opened 11/19. Also, I have the CHASE INK card (opened 9/19). I understand business cards report differently -  that didn't count toward the five limit?


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    On 12/2 I requested a CLI on bloomingdales succesfully for +$6k ($3,600 -->$9,600) and I tried for macy's shortly after as I always do, but was denied for "recent increase with a partner..." or something like that. I had heard of this happening but never experienced it.


    Someone on the forum mentioned staggering the requests for these two cards. So I tried again today with good results:


    $10,000 --> $15,000 (+$5,000)


    Should help with utilization and hopefully an upgrade to the AMEX in the near future. 


    Card is 2 yrs. + 1 mo. old and was at $100 SL until 8/2019 and monthly increases since then. So... +$14,900 since August.

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  • 12/11/19--13:07: NFCU SP CLI
  • I requested 15,000 from my $500 limit NFCU More Rewards AMEX. Well I was turned down for the 15,000 but they did give me $1,500 and no HP was made on my credit report for it.

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  • 12/11/19--13:34: DiscoverIT auto CLI to 10k
  • Hey people!


    Discover decided auto CLI my 7k to 10k. Which I am super happy about Smiley Happy. However I do find it a bit strange. You see I got this credit card in early March of this year with a SL of 4k. I did requested a CLI back in August thus change from 4k to 7k. And here we are with another increase. Any possible reason why Discover did this? Or am I just "lucky"?

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  • 12/11/19--14:15: Question about hard pulls?

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  • 12/11/19--14:26: DiscoverIT CLI of $1,000
  • Opened the card 12 months ago.  Got a CL of $5,100.


    At 6 months, got a measly $200 CLI.


    I've been trying for a CLI for last 3 months and been declined, due to the "not enough experience with this credit line" reason. So, I've been putting all my spend on the card and paying in full, before the card statement is produced, meaning my last couple of invoices have been zero. I've been putting almost $4K of spend on the card every month, but, apparently that wasn't enough.


    I saw on some threads that Discover seems to reward negative behaviors. So, I thought why not give it a whirl. Got declined for a CLI. Then took a $100 cash advance and tried again for a CLI. Got $1,000. So, now my CL is $6,300. Not great, but, it does seem that in my case, they do indeed reward negative behaviors. 


    Anyway, a CLI is a CLI!  So, happy with that! :-)

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    Paypal Extras MC

    SL $3500

    TransUnion- Hard Pull

    TU Fico 8 - 781 as of 12/11